Abundant soymeal supply led to...

With the rapid recovery of soybean imports, the operation rat...

White broiler prices increased,...

On June5, the purchasing price of live broilers in various p...

The national stock of reproductiv...

According to BOABC’s monitoring data, China’s produc...

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Wheat consumption and month-end inventoryIn April, 10 040million tons of wheat was processed in the country, producing 7 429million tons of flour, and 2 6
1)Paddy processing quantity of enterprises above designated size in AprilData from the National Bureau of Statistics show that rice production of processing companies above designated siz
Analysis of agricultural meteorology by regions 1)Northeast and Eastern Inner Mongolia: More precipitation occurred in the central and southern regions of northea
Agricultural and food products output kept...According to national statistics of January-April industrial products output of enterprises above designated scale,
Changes in Prices in Vegetable Oil and Protein Meal in JuneSoybean oil prices up to 5,808 RMB MTfrom 5,602 RMB MT; palm oil prices upto5,345 RMB MT from 5,000RMB MT; rapesee
Rapeseed Crush Profit Up Due to Rapoil Price Increased Sharply In June,the average price of rapeseed oil extracted from imported rapeseed was 7,914 RMB MT,sharply up 483 RMB MT
Soybean Crushing Losses eased Due to Soyoil Prices Increased SharplyIn June, the cost of imports soybeanaround 3,150RMB MT, soybean oil price went up sharply while meal decreased In
Rapeseed Crush Profit is good Due to slight change in Its Products PriceIn May,the average price of rapeseed oil extracted from imported rapeseed was 7,431 RMB MT,slightly down 9RMB MT f
NPK Companies Focus on Autumn Fertilizer Market Entering June, summer fertilizer market wasnear to completion Influenced by many factors such as novel coronavirus
Sulfur Price Rose, Ammonia Price Decreased...Phosphate rock(30%)FOT priceaveraged at 390 RMB MT in June,the same as last month Solid sulfur price averaged at 5
Low Margins of Fruit and Vegetable Plan...Fruit and vegetableindustryis the sale growth point for fertilizer industry, especially some high-end fertilizer pro
2020 NPK Imports Won’t Ascend, and the Exports Would Go Up Except MOP, NPK is another main imported fertilizer product in China NPK imports in 2019 recorded 1 3933 million
Owing to a Decline in Northeastern Corn ...Along with the price difference between soybeanplanting and corn planting in the northeastin 2020, corn planting h
Hog prices were 36.29 yuan/kg in this week, increasing 3.33% from last week(1) On July3, 2020, the factory price of carcass averaged 46 93 yuan kg in 36 large and medium-sized cities, up5
China’s pig production capacity continued...According to BOABC’s data, the national production of fresh and chilled pork (excluding frozen pork and its
White broiler prices increased, and the...On June5, the purchasing price of live broilers in various producing areas averaged 7 82 yuan kg, up 0 10% from

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Panel Board Price Index Went down 0.69% MoM, down 4.83% YoY In June, the panel board price index averaged 874 04points, down 0 69% month on month, down 44 36pointsor 4 83% y
Sawn Timber Price Index Went down 0.43% MoM, down 0.27% YoY In June, the sawn timber price index averaged 774 25points, down 0 43% month on month, down 0 27% year on year
Log Price Index Went down 0.68% MoM, down 3.11% YoY In June, the average log price index was 1,047 09points, down 0 68% month on month, down 33 58 pointsor 3 11% ye
Wood Price Index Went up 1.38% MoM, down 1.53% YoYIn June, the comprehensive wood price index averaged 1,186 19points, down 16 63 pointsor 1 38% month on month, dow
China Fruit Market Research Monthly ReportBOABC: China’s High Quality Apple Prices Would Rise If the Cold Injury Caused Reduction of Apple Output by
China Fruits and Vegetables Market Monthly ReportMonthly Insight: Conducting an in-depth analysis on current hot topics and newsPolicy: Focus on industry polices t
Flour production of enterprises above designated size in AprilData from the National Bureau of Statistics show that flour production of processing companies above designated si
Big soybean imports, soymeal price to stay at low levelIn May, China& 39;s soybean imports reached 9 38 million tons, the highest level of the year, including 8 86 mill
The profit of imported raw sugar pr...Raw sugar futures prices in New York keepsraisingin June The averageoffutures price for raw sugar (2010) in New Y
0.56% Decrease of White Granulated Sugar from MayTheoveralltrendofspotpriceforsugarstopfallingstabilization The average spot price for white granulated sugar was 5,615
Yili with a Good Momentum of Development(1) The sales situation in Q2 was positive with product inventory back to normal levelThe top management of Yili
Survey Finds Chinese Residents Far fro...A MOA survey on consumers in six provincesfinds that Chinesehave not developed the habit of milk consumption, the
Investment in Farms Continues Heating up A follow-up study discovers that investment in dairy farms is as popular as that in 2019, and there is constant
Raw Milk Price Reversed Falling Trend in June As per MOA monitoring, raw milk price kept at 3 57 yuan kg in the first 20 days of June 2020, and it climbed