Raw Milk Price Turned to Fall

As MOA monitored, raw milk price changed the coursed and dro...

Corn Market Prices Were on a St...

In March, corn market prices stabilized, but ascended in the...

China's soybean imports from US ...

On December 13, China and the United States reached an agree...

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Corn Alcohol Companies Turned Profit into...(1) Corn Alcohol Prices Dropped by 6 6% from Last Month Along with a fall in demand for medical alcohol and a
The Operating Rates of Starch Processing ...(1) March Corn Starch Prices in the Production and Consumption Areas Averaged at RMB 2,470 MT, RMB 25 MT lower t
March Average Corn Prices Didn’t Change ...In March, along with the controlling on new coronavirus outbreaks and the recovering of traffic, corn buying and
Analysis of unit yield and output value of food planting in China2 1 In 2018, per unit area yield of staple food crops in the main producing areas in China stood at 6740kg hec
Rapeseed Oil Crush Profit Increased Slight...In February, the average price of rapeseed oil extracted from imported rapeseed was 8,302RMB MT, up 174 RMB MT fr
soybean oil Crushing Losses Due to Oil Prices Decreased SharplyIn February, the cost of imports soybean around 3,300 RMB MT, soybean oil price decreasedsharply due to U S soybe
NCP affects vegetable oil consumption and...In February, NCP broke out in Wuhan and occurred sporadically in other provinces The seriousepidemic has affected
Changes in Prices in Vegetable Oil and Protein Meal in December(1) Vegetable oilprices went up in DecemberSoybean oil prices up to 6,983RMB MTfrom 6,529 RMB MT; palm oil prices
Domestic Potash Prices Increased, Russian Potash and NPK Prices Increased(1) Domestic Potash Prices Increased and Russian Potash Price IncreasedThe price of Salt Lake’s MOP (60%, cr
Sulfur Price Increased, Ammonia Price Incr...Phosphate rock (30%) FOT price averaged at 404 RMB MT in March, the same as last month Solid sulfur price aver
Anthracite Price Decreased, Urea Price Inc...The average price of Shanxi Jincheng’s anthracite (Q:7000) was 1032 RMB MT in March , 18RMB MT less than la
Due to Novel Coronavirus Outbreaks, Fertil...Along with poor traffic resulting from novel coronavirus outbreaks, the work of dealer meeting and ground promotio
Corn Prices Averaged at RMB 1,971/MT, up RMB 21/MTThe growth in corn prices in various places widened The prices averaged at RMB 1,971 MT, up 1 1% or RMB 21 MT
2020 Corn Planting Areas Would See a Limited DeclineGuided by the policies, the farmers in the northeast especially Heilongjiang change to grow soybean instead of co
The profit of pig raising In March 2020(1) Feeding link: the feeding profit of pigs was 2532 06 yuan head, decreased by 8 61% month on month; the gross
Pig prices will fluctuate in April, 202...Affected by COVID-19, the slaughtering time of hogs was delayed in February for transport restrictions nationwide

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The Monthly Data on the Wood Imported at Different PortsOn March 13, a cargo ship loaded with 4,512 cubic meters of Russian timber docked at Dalian Changxingdao Port
The Monthly Data on Industry Related Economic IndicatorsFrom January to February, the forestry fixed asset investment decreased 17 4% year on year From January to Februar
Company NewsIn order to reduce the impact of the epidemic on the furniture industry in Nankang District, Jiangxi Yuzhu Wood
Forestry Resources and Policies NewsIn 2019, China exported 241 5091 million pieces of wooden furniture, down 10 44% from the previous year Exports
China Fruit Market Research Monthly ReportBOABC: China’s High Quality Apple Prices Would Rise If the Cold Injury Caused Reduction of Apple Output by
China Fruits and Vegetables Market Monthly ReportMonthly Insight: Conducting an in-depth analysis on current hot topics and newsPolicy: Focus on industry polices t
The profit of imported raw sugar proc...Owing to the pandemic, the forecast for the global consumption in the future is highly negative, and New York r
15% Decrease of White Granulated Sugar from February(1) White Granulated SugarThe overall trend of spot price for sugar showed an decreasing trend The average spot
China’s Sugar Price Index decrease 0.89% from Previous MonthThe wholesale price index ticked up in March, which averaged 5,917 38 yuan ton, down 0 89% from last month, up 9 96% YoY
Multiple Places in Guangxi Flag Subsidy Policy for Sugar(1) Guangxi authority promulgated the Implementation Scheme on Extension of Technologies on Elite Species and Good
Update on Dairy Farms in China under the Pandemic (1) Raw milk collection is at lower price, some farms confront with refusal or restriction of collection by proc
YoY Growth of Raw Milk Production in...As per data on raw milk production by collection stations from the MOA, raw milk production by the collection s
Raw Milk Price Still on Slide in China in March As MOA monitored, raw milk price was still on slide in China in March 2020 The monthly average was 3 76 yua
50% YoY Shrinkage of Sales Quantity o...Owing to the impact from COVID-19, the sales quantity of both UHT milk and pasteurizedmilk plunged during the fi